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Sterling Ranch

 Sterling Ranch, CO

I just came from a very informative meeting with the Sterling Ranch developers. As you may already know most of the builders are offering lots for sale and will soon have models open. Providence Village is well under way and once completed will have 800 single family homes. No final decision has been made as to which village will be built next.

Water is one of the big questions and it seems like they have it figured out. Reclaimed water will be used only for open space areas. Dominion Water and Sanitation will supply all the ground water to Sterling Ranch and has partnered with Aurora, Denver and ten south metro water districts to handle the need for future residents.

All homes will have two water meters for inside and outside water use. Home owners will be able to tell via smart apps and devices how much water each is using, if watering is necessary and how much they can save by not watering. In addition, Sterling Ranch has teamed up with Denver Botanic Gardens and every new home buyer will be able to pick from several pallets of low-water sustainable landscapes.

Roxborough and Sterling Ranch have teamed up to build a water treatment plant which buy splitting the cost and not building two separate facilities will reduce the cost of water for both communities.

Technology will be abundant in Sterling Ranch as all homes will be provided with a 1 Gigabyte (up and down) internet connection via fiber. All homes will be equipped with smart panels that look much like an iPad to control various functionality and apps will be available for your smart phone to access the same information. Even this street lights will be able to give residents up to the minute alerts buy changing color.

Schools in the initial stages will stay pretty much the same and both Sterling Ranch and Roxborough continuing to feed into the same Douglas County schools. Once Douglas County determines it is necessary to build local schools sites have already been planned within SR.

Roads within the villages themselves will be narrower as to slow traffic while Blvd’s will allow ample flow in and out of SR. There will also be a main road connecting Roxborough to a southern exit just North of Louviers, CO. Work to expand Santa Fe to 2 lanes going south has already begun. Heading North from SR is where many are concerned the traffic issues will be the worse and no real solution was provided at this meeting.

Unique to SR.

  • All the streets and lots are angled to provide the best views of the surrounding area possible.
  • Many if not all builders will offer solar power.
  • All homes will be wired for electric car chargers.
  • Roxborough residents will be able to access SR facilities for the same fees as its residents.
  • All SR residents will receive an annual pass to all Colorado State parks.