Highlands Ranch Recreation Centers

If you live in Highlands Ranch you have access to 4 recreation centers all with many of the same features such as pools, workout areas, playing fields and more. But did you know that each one has unique features that set it apart from the others? Westridge for instance has batting cages and Southridge has a pottery studio and Auditorium. Want to practice your climbing skills? Eastridge has a rock climbing wall several stories high! How about some high diving in the pool, Northridge has got you covered.

If you want to find out more about what each facility has to offer click HERE and you will be directed to a Rec Center comparison chart I created listing what each has to offer. That’s one of the things we love about Highlands Ranch, you have so many choices and things to do right here within the community.


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  1. I recently read that the weight area at Eastridge Rec center had been expanded. They took out the arcade to make the room bigger. I think that was a good move, when we first moved to Highlands Ranch I used that area quite a bit and it was a little tight at times. I will have to go over there and take a look.

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