Winter Watering in Highlands Ranch

If…. When….¬†And How should you water this winter?

Highlands Ranch Winter WateringYes to avoid damage to grass and plants you should water wisely all winter long. Highlands Ranch can be subject to long periods of dry weather. During these prolong periods (3 to 4 weeks), you should water 1 to 2 times a month. South facing landscape my require more.

You want to water when there is no snow covering and temperatures are above 40 degrees. You want to avoid freezing so do not water late in the day when the sun is going down.

Hand watering (for plants and trees) or using a hose connected sprinkler (for lawns) is best. Make sure and disconnect your hose from the spigot when you are done to protect your pipes from freezing.

As always seek professional advice for your own home.